Community Goals

Building community with a small “c”… Small-scale farming is often connected with ideals of Bulding Community. This sounds great, but in practice, focusing separately on the community aspect, as if it is something that has to be treated as its own side project, can obscure the simple fact that successful tiny farming is ALL ABOUT people and community. There is no separation.

We believe running a tiny farm demands a continually mindful approach to everyone involved. The stakeholders are many – the growers, the consumers, the suppliers of materials and services, the observers, both first-hand and at a distance through word-of-mouth and online. When you quietly consider the intricate network of people, thoughts and energy that it naturally takes to tiny farm, it is clear that tiny farming IS community.

With that awareness firmly in mind, our intention and goal this farming year is to actively celebrate PEOPLE through our work at every turn.

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