Farm plan by month

Here’s a list of milestone tasks, by month, for the full 12 months. It’s a quick overview of how we’d like the season to unfold. Of course, time, weather, and the results of best intentions always change the picture as we go!

This page will be updated regularly. Lines with a strikethrough have been completed. Lines in red were moved up from a previous month because they were not completed on schedule. You can compare the current plan with the original plan from Nov. 7, 2011.


  • finish garden clean-up
  • plant garlic (first week)
  • get manure delivered
  • plant spinach for spring
  • water plan (well, pond, reservoir)
  • start expense tracking
  • start minimum weekly farm blog post


  • seed inventory, germination tests
  • early seed order (onions, herbs)


  • start early herbs not starting early herbs, buy seedlings only (see April)
  • start early greens (lettuce, etc) for cold greenhouse/first market not doing super-early greens


  • main seed order partial order, breaking up into smaller orders


  • production plan including production map (field layout, crop locations)
  • set up seedling room
  • inventory and service all gear
  • organic certification application (if we’re going for it)
  • start first onions from seed
  • start 6-8 week transplants: leek, tomato, eggplant, pepper, etc
  • harden off and transplant early greens in greenhouse (first week)
  • order chickens (meat and ready-to-lay layers)
  • Saturday market application & fee (AGM late Mar-early Apr)
  • set up greenhouse
  • Certified Naturally Grown application
  • update web site
  • start promotion (market, weekly shares, whatever we decide, assuming no CSA)


  • set up irrigation
  • start 4-6 week transplants: cucurbits
  • service gear (tractor, tools, etc), buy parts
  • regular help starts (second half of month)
  • prep garden (disc, rototill)
  • direct seed early crops (peas, spinach, etc)
  • start cucurbits (cucumber, squash, pumpkins, melons)
  • purchase herb seedlings


  • spring transplanting
  • succession seeding begins (through July)
  • start fall transplants (brassicas)
  • start outdoor farmers’ market (opens first Saturday, aiming to be there from the start)


  • spring transplanting (ends first half of month)
  • direct seed/transplant for fall


  • direct seed/transplant for fall
  • transplant fall crops (first week)
  • harvest garlic
  • peak harvest starts (mid-month)
  • cut flowers harvest start (mid-month)


  • peak harvest
  • cut flowers peak
  • direct seed last 30-day crops for fall


  • main final harvest tender crops
  • peak harvest ends (second half of month, could extend depending on weather)
  • cut flowers end


  • final harvest most crops
  • garden clean-up
  • regular crew ends
  • end outdoor farmers’ market (last Saturday)

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